Research Paper: Using the Giger and Davidhizar’s Transcultural Assessment Model and How Cultural Sensitivity Can Influence Nursing Care

The profession of a nurse has always been one of the most emotionally rewording and at the same time emotionally hard professions. If one is to become a nurse he/she should be a person of a strong character, tender soul, and stable emotional constitution. When working with people one cannot develop a universal approach of dealing with them especially when it comes to working with people who are sick, or are struggling with overcoming the effects of the survived illness.

Thus, nurses have to find a unique approach to every particular patient in order to make his/her experience of receiving medical treatment as smooth as possible. Today in the global world nurses must also take into consideration the cultural background differences of the patients. In my paper I would like to cover the question of cultural sensitivity in relation to nurse treatment. To assess this question I would like to use Giger and Davidhizar’s transcultural assessment model, because it acknowledges the uniqueness of every culture. Continue reading