Journal Article Review: “Marketplace Diversity and Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies” written by Cui, G. & P. Choudhury, published in Journal of Consumer Marketing

The article discusses the proliferation practice of ethnic marketing that is manifested in the form of new product lines, tailored advertising, and customized promotion programs. It suggests three theoretical models for determining cost-effectiveness of marketing to specific ethnic groups: nested approach, cost-benefit optimization, and marketing mix differentiation. All the three models are represented graphically in a creative and accessible manner. Continue reading

Research Paper: Online Retail in the Canadian Coffee Market

Target market Canadian Coffee Drinking Study revealed that about 81% of Canadians over the age of 18 drink coffee occasionally and over 63% of drink coffee on a daily basis making coffee the # 1 beverage choice of adult Canadians. Coffee consumers include men and women almost in equal proportion, with men drinking slightly more coffee. Average daily consumption of coffee among Canadian coffee consumers amounts to 2.6 cups. The major portion of coffee is consumed at home – 66%, 16% – at eating places, 12% – at work, and 5% is consumed in other places such (e.g. hospital, schools, hockey rinks and other institutions). Coffee consumed at home is purchased primarily at a grocery store/supermarket – 79%, with 7% being purchased at the gourmet/specialty coffee shops. Daily coffee consumption among adults varies across Canada, from a high of 70% in Quebec to a low of 53% in the Atlantic region, with approximately 60% in Ontario, 67% in the Prairies and 61% in B.C. Continue reading

Research Paper: Organics Coffee Business in the Canadian Market

Target market In recent years the world has seen a growing awareness of health and environmental issues. It is a constantly growing number of concerned consumers, mainly in the industrialized countries of North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia that are the cause of this development.

Canada, with retail sales estimated at US$ 0.8-1.0 bln, is ranked as the 6th largest market in the world for organic food and beverages in 2003, while the market appears to be growing approximately by 20-25% annually and this growth is sustained by strong consumer concerns over environmental and health issues (Kortbech-Olesen, R., 2004, p. 1). Continue reading

Information Systems and Organizational Departments Essay

In this paper I will present results of my research findings regarding software applications that are available for different organizational departments within a company. I will concentrate on software for such organizational departments, as accounting, human resources and marketing. In the process of my research I have found out that there are plenty of solutions for each department and it is the task of the management of the company to choose the one that best suits the needs of the company, its size, financial capabilities, type of business, etc. Continue reading