Essay on Migration and Refugees from the Algeria

Formerly served as a base for Barbary pirates, Algeria was concurred during the imperialistic era of the 19th century and was declared as part of France in 1830. The French occupation significantly affected the Algerian demography, as more than 100,000 European immigrants came to settle the fertile and oil-reach grounds of Algeria during the second half of the 19th century, while about a third of the original Algerians were migrated out of the country. Continue reading

International Trade Research Paper

International trade is an exchange of goods and services between individuals and firms from different countries. For several millennia, since the dawn of civilizations, the export of goods to foreign countries in exchange for foreign goods was an integral feature of the global economy.

There are several advantages of International Trade. One of them is that international trade enables every country to receive goods, which country does not produce itself as any country is not self-sufficient. There are also limitations of International Trade. For instance, legal and regulatory forces can heavily affect businesses. Government laws, trade regulations, taxes, and other issues are interpreted differently country by country. This can discourage participation in global business (Feenstra, 2003).

This report covers the following four keys points: theories of absolute and comparative advantage, influences that affect exchange rates, reasoning behind free trade agreements (FTAs), and government policy on economic behavior. Continue reading