Information Systems and Organizational Departments Essay

In this paper I will present results of my research findings regarding software applications that are available for different organizational departments within a company. I will concentrate on software for such organizational departments, as accounting, human resources and marketing. In the process of my research I have found out that there are plenty of solutions for each department and it is the task of the management of the company to choose the one that best suits the needs of the company, its size, financial capabilities, type of business, etc.

We are living in the time of dramatically changing business environment, where human resources play the key role in successful development of business. Lawson’s Human Capital Management software solutions assist in developing employees of the company in the way that would benefit both- them and the organization. This software solution is claiming to maximize the potential of the employees, by identifying their key talents to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of work distribution. As HR executives are frequently assigned to provide information required to make strategic decisions, this software claims to assist in its preparation. It will also help to develop and retain the employees of the company, so that the management of the company was always sure that the job is done by people who perfectly suit the positions and will stay with an organization for a long time.

This system consists of three main suits: Talent Management, Human Resource Management, and Work Force Management. Lawson Talent Management is made up of Talent Acquisition, Compensation Management, Performance Management, Learning and Development, Succession Management, Global Human Resources, and finally Goal Management. Lawson Human Resource Management contains Absence Management, Employee/Manager Self-Service and Human Resources, E-Recruiting, Resource Navigator, Payroll, and Performance Management for Healthcare. Lawson Workforce Management includes Scheduling and Staffing, as well as DamandMapper and Workload Management. This application seems to be very comprehensive solution for Human Resource Department.

Speaking about software solutions for marketing department, I would like to present the review of MarketingPilot, which is indicated to be the most popular and widely used software for Marketing, as it is the most complete, powerful and advanced program available. It is aimed to deliver excellent marketing results and improve the productivity of marketing department. It is PC and Mac compliant. It is claimed to be special due to following features: collaborative project management, integrated asset management, integrated Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat, powerful integrated search engine, custom user interface, media buying and planning, fast startup and easy deployment, event management, and multi-currency support. It can also be installed on demand on the company’s own server.  There are three editions of the software- standard, professional and enterprise- therefore it is possible to pick up the best alternative for the company. Standard Edition includes marketing resource management, digital asset management, campaign and event management, expense management, etc. Professional edition additionally to standard features offer financial and budget management, strategic planning and web portal option, web registration option, media buying and planning, etc.Enterpriseedition includes additionally custom user interface, invoicing and billing, unlimited web portal, enterprise marketing resource management system, etc.

Speaking about software for accounting, I would like to review the latest offering from Exact Software- Exact Globe Batch 390, which best suits the needs of quick-turn and distributors, businesses of light manufacturing that have extremely strong real-time financials with real multi-currency capabilities. This software system is said to be the real-time system that is able to provide the complete and total view of operational performance with General Ledger Centricity and Human Resources. This software application has a strong focus on the innovative value delivery to the companies that have revenue from $5 to $100 million, as well as for Large Parent Organizations from all over the world, which indicates that the language switching option is included. Exact Globe software solutions provide intuitive and consistent interface with workflow capabilities and also contains such features as advanced warehouse management, extensive Software Developers’ Kit to provide the opportunity to extend the application for advances users, and also Electronic Data Interface.

In the conclusion I would like to summarize that even though I have presented just three software solutions for three organizational departments, there are far more software available for all types of businesses, including e-commerce and for all organizational departments of any organization that is willing to use and allocate all types of its resources with maximum productivity and make best strategic decisions.